Welcome to Healthy Living with Young Living Essential Oils at Breezy Acres!

We have a wide variety of oils, dietary supplements and other supplies! Stop by to pick up the oils you’ll need to make the recipes below.

First we start with a spray bottle, we have some in-stock that are 4 oz in size. Next you will need distilled water and witch hazel alcohol.  In your spray bottle combine 2oz distilled water and 2oz witch hazel alcohol. Add the oils for a specific scent or your own insect repellent, hair care products or whatever your needs are!  Please remember to always try a small spot test on yourself, children and whomever else will be using your homemade sprays to test for any allergic reactions!!

Here are a few recipes that I use in home and at work all year long:

  1. In the bedroom when changing the bedding I always spray the mattress down with a mixture of cedarwood and lavender.   2oz distilled water, 2oz witch hazel alcohol, 12-15 drops of cedarwood, 12-15 drops of lavender.  Put your cover on and mix!  This mixture gives the cedar chest smell with the relaxing scent of lavender for a great nights sleep!
  2. I love the scents of citrus and use these next recipes for room freshener, it always seems to lighten the atmosphere!  2oz distilled water, 2oz witch hazel alcohol, 10-12 drops orange oil, 10-12 drops lemon oil and 10-12 drops citrus fresh oil, the addition of citrus fresh may be excessive but I like the stronger smell.
  3. Another nice freshener is sage and lemongrass, 2oz of distilled water, 2oz witch hazel alcohol, 12-15 drops sage oil, 12-15 drops lemongrass.  Sage is a great uplifting scent that can be very cleansing, along with the freshness of lemongrass… mmmm.
  4. I love this smell for the Primitive Barn!  Christmas Spirit… what more can I say, cinnamon, woodsy, country!  2oz distilled water, 2oz witch hazel alcohol, 25 drops (or more!) Christmas spirit oil.  Your grandmas kitchen and the Primitive Barn all rolled into one!
  5. This next mix is sure to make your hair thicker and healthier!  2 oz distilled water, 2oz witch hazel alcohol, 10-12 drops cedarwood oil, 10-12 drops lavender oil, 10-12 drops of rosemary oil.  This mixture can be applied to wet or dry hair.
  6. This next spray is a MUST HAVE for summer and fall months!  I call it Bug B Gone.  This is a great spray for ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and flies.  It does utilize many oils but as my kids are running amuck all summer its great to use on them, I even used this on all the dogs this summer along with our “pet” livestock!  2oz distilled water, 2oz witch hazel alcohol, 8 drops each: geranium, bergamot, citronella, cypress, juniper, lemongrass, and optional lemon and citrus fresh.

There are so many other recipes you can come up with depending on your needs, if you have any questions please give us a call and we can help you mix it up!  Thanks for living healthy!

— Marilyn